From Sewer Pipe Repair & General Plumbing Repair to New Plumbing Installation

Solve your plumbing problems with a preferred plumber in Houston, TX

If your plumbing isn't working properly, it can affect every other aspect of your home. Fortunately, Apt Plumbing is there for you. You won't find a more dedicated or skilled plumber anywhere in Houston, TX. Whether you're having trouble with a broken sewer line or a leaking water heater, you can trust us to make the repairs you need.

We've been fixing plumbing problems in the Houston, TX area for 10 years. While we work on all plumbing repair and replacements, we specialize in underground sewer pipe repair. When something goes wrong with your water main or sewer line, let us know right away. We offer 24/7 emergency service so you can repair your plumbing problem before it causes irreversible damage.

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Turn to us when you need sewer pipe repair in Houston, TX

Even if you can’t see a problem with your sewer pipe, you’ll probably be able to smell it. We provide the sewer pipe repair that you need. We’ll work quickly so you don’t have to put up with flooding, water damage or offensive smells for any longer.
We can deal with:

Underground piping
Improperly installed pipes
Blockages in sewer lines
Damaged pipes due to freezing

Contact us today to request sewer pipe repair in Houston, TX.